The Categories

The following is the list of categories for the UK Business Awards 2017. There are categories for every shape and size of organisation and almost every aspect of business. If you find your needs are not met by the sector categories, we feel certain that they will be met by the discipline specific categories, or indeed the people people categories.

For each sector or discipline specific entered, you have the opportunity to enter a People Specific category for the reduced price of £139.00 plus VAT.

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Enter before 31st August to receive our promotional entry fee of £199 + VAT! Offer ends MIDNIGHT 31st August 2017. 

Our aim is to promote the application of  each company's techniques and to help your business, so if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. If you need help deciding on which category to enter, download the document below, or get in touch via email.

The categories are divided into 3 sections:

  • Sector specific – you would be judged against companies from similar sectors
  • Discipline specific – you would be judged against companies who have carried out similar initiatives
  • People People – you would be judged against either individuals and/ or teams

There are no limits on the number of categories an organisation, team or individual can enter.

Categories - Making a Choice Download PDF

Automotive, Car Rental, Car Purchase

Car dealerships, car hire, repair, roadside assistance, car services, car leasing and rental.

Retail and e-Commerce

On-line and high street retailers including clothes, food, books, DVDs, gifts and any other retail products.

Not for Profit & Charity

Any charity or service for the public good that is non profit making

Financial Services

Any type of banking or investment services, including credit card companies and investment funds. Also, any type of insurance provision including home, life, business, car.

Hospitality and Leisure

Hotels, public houses, holidays, ski centres, cinemas, gyms, ticketing and any other providers of related services including air travel, trains and ferries, etc.

Personal Entertainment and Telecoms

Provision of communication services and entertainment, including telephone, mobile, technology support services, movie hire, online streaming services and digital TV, etc

Delivery and Logistics

Logistics, couriers, parcel delivery services, domestic, international, commercial and private delivery. This also include supply management and control.


Including fast food, fine dining, branded chains, independent operators, etc.


Water, electricity, gas, etc.


Applying creativity and new thinking to your business, leading to great results for your organisation through a change, alteration, transformation, restructuring, remodelling or revolution in a product or service.

Operational Excellence

Businesses that are executing their business strategy more consistently and more reliably than the competition, resulting in low operational risk, lower operational costs and increased revenues.

Business Change or Transformation

Through either a ‘Change Management’ or ‘Business Transformation’ initiative your organisation has clearly executed and delivered a defined change or re-invention of the business.


Do you have a sustainable business model that enables you to manage the “triple bottom line” (financial, social and environmental)? Is this model embedded in your company culture? Can you demonstrate how your sustainable objectives are measured?


Small to medium-size enterprises with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding £40 million. Businesses that have delivered consistent growth and solid financial performance through great leadership, understanding their customers and engaging employees

Disruptive Business Model

Businesses that have turned the business model on its head by partially harnessing new technologies, developing a new business model or exploiting old technologies in new ways.

Digital Marketing

A targeted, measurable, interactive campaign using digital technologies to engage with customers, create preference and increase sales for your product, service or brand.

Best Place to Work

Delivering great business results through amazing employee engagement initiatives

Customer Centric Organisation

Delivering a customer-centric culture through; driving employee engagement and involvement, delivering on-going customer-experience training, and developing internal communications strategies and tactics. Plus the collection and sharing of stories of CX excellence.

New Business

For businesses established in the last two years (Start date 1st January 2015) that have demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship and vision in order to establish themselves in their market place.

International Business

UK Businesses trading outside of the UK. International businesses trading within the UK.


Are you a wholesaler or service provider who has exported your product or services to merchants or industrial consumers in foreign countries? Have you delivered exceptional sales growth over the past two years as a result of a great business initiative? If the answer is yes, this is the category for you.

Social Enterprise

Organisations that are using the power of business to bring about social and environmental change. This is achieved through having a clear social or environmental mission, generating income through trade, reinvesting the majority of your profits, and being accountable and transparent.

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognises those individuals who have led a start-up business that has focused on a market opportunity, developed a solid business model and delivered great results.

Inspirational Leader

A business leader who has energised and created a sense of direction and purpose for employees resulting in excitement and momentum for change within the business. This will have been achieved through promoting respect, dignity and integrity in the workplace while facilitating change and empowering employees to grow.

Team of the Year

A team that has identified and responded to an opportunity, resulting in a significant impact on an organisation’s performance.

Management Education and Training

A team or individuals who have been tasked with training and educating the management team within an organisation, resulting in a transformation in business performance

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