Awards International & Cranfield School of Management present


22nd November 2017

Wembley Stadium, London


The Awards

The UK Business Awards aka The Dons, are BACK! Now in their second year, the prestigious UK Business Awards are destined to be even bigger and better this year, making them a key date for your 2017 business diary.

The Awards are judged by panels of independent business men and women.

The scoring methodology and criteria are endorsed by the leading international and highly reputable business school - Cranfield School of Management.

Post event feedback reports with scores and judges comments are provided to all Finalists.

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  • Entry Deadline

    8th September 2017

  • Finalists Announced

    20th September 2017

  • Awards Finals

    22nd November 2017

  • Venue

    Wembley Stadium, London


"We're delighted to be a multi-award winner at the inaugural UK Business Awards. We won ‘Best Place to Work’ and took home a silver award for ‘Customer Centric Organisation’. Both awards recognise a lot of hard work put into creating and maintaining a great culture, where both our employees and customers come first. In both categories we were up against some of the most recognisable brands throughout the UK and Europe. A great day was had by all and we’re already looking forward to next year" Alexander Westrell, Group Head of Communications, Unibet

"Winning two UK Business Awards was a thunderbolt of pride, elation and awesomeness. Our main problem now is we have to buy a bigger trophy case. I would strongly urge anyone who's got an awesome business to enter... Because the thrill of victory is worth every minute you spend entering"
Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee

"It was a great honour to represent our hometown of Port Talbot at the UK Business Awards in London. We hope the fantastic recognition we have received will be a source of inspiration to other businesses and budding entrepreneurs. If you put your mind to it, you really can take on the biggest brands in the world!"
Daniel Crossland, Operations Director, Solar Plants Ltd


About the awards

The UK Business Awards are an exciting daytime event created to recognise and celebrate the organisations, teams and individuals who are achieving business excellence.

A vehicle for sharing best practice, the awards enable the organisations who enter to promote continuous improvement, learning and personal development.

Through the option of open finalist presentations awards attendees are able to learn how other organisations are improving and building on their customer experience with the use of digital insight and innovations.

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The Dons
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The journey to the Awards Finals

Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield School of Management is delighted to partner with Awards International to present these Awards!

As a leading business school, Cranfield has long been associated with thought leadership and best practice in business nationally and internationally.



The UK Business Awards recognise and celebrate exceptional business initiatives in 26 categories across sectors and disciplines and for teams and individual professionals.

Sector specific categories
Discipline specific categories
People People categories

Judging at the awards

We rely on the expertise from our extensive judging community who bring industry knowledge and category specific skill sets to assess every Award entry.

The judging process is transparent, impartial and independent from the team who manage the Awards. All Judges go through a vetting process and are ultimately the ones who decide whether your entry is worthy of an Award!

Judging at the Awards
Scoring at the Awards
Meet the Judges

Our Sponsors and Partners

The UK Business Awards are an event that people who attend do not forget. Sponsoring enables you to gain respect and credibility from our guests, our substantial network and your potential customers. Having your brand featured on our collateral prior to, on the event day and post event gives you fabulous awareness – frequency breeds familiarity and puts you at the front of the minds of our delegates.

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