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2022's Biggest Trends: Show Us How You're Managing Them!

What makes a successful business thrive?


It's an eternal question - but one crucial aspect of success is being in tune with the latest trends. Capitalising on these hot topics can give you a competitive edge, and improve your chances of getting recognised as a UK Business Awards Gold Winner!


So today, we're sharing 3 key trends, and the relevant categories for organisations that have been excelling in these areas. Read on to find out where recognition awaits!




(Categories: Best Sustainability Initiative, Best Green Business)


Focusing on a greener future is the right thing to do - and it's also what your customers expect. Proving your credentials in this area is a great way to prove that you're a forward-thinking company that cares about the future of the planet!


Whether you're approaching net-zero emissions, reducing waste or limiting your environmental impact in another way, winning here would send a powerful message to your customers and partners that you're building a better future.


Reinventing the employee experience


(Categories: Best Place to Work, Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative)


Covid has reminded organisations what they already knew - that employee wellbeing simply can't be ignored. The last few years have seen a revolution in the UK's working practices, and many organisations have found a new rhythm in the wake of the pandemic. What have you learned about maximising the employee experience? What new balance have you found?


An award in this category would really impress any future applicants to your organisation - so raise your chances of attracting top talent by winning in this category!




(Categories: Best CSR Initiative, Best Customer Experience, Team of the Year)


Today's customers want to buy from brands that resonate with them - ones that share their values. The best way to match their frequency is being authentic in your line of work.


This can take many forms - being a pillar of the local community, being attuned to your customer's needs and expectations, or having a fantastic team that's dedicated to realising your company vision - but if your company has an authentic mission, the world deserves to know. Get involved in the UK Business Awards and show us how you're leading the way in purpose-driven business.


You can see the full list of UK Business Awards categories here.


Have you picked the best category(-ies) for the initiative that makes you proud? Apply for the UK Business Awards here. And if you have any questions, book a call with your Awards Consultant, Miodrag Nikolic - he'll be happy to answer them all!