7 top tips for writing a winning award entry

Awards are a powerful way of placing your company in the media spotlight and gaining kudos. 

Here are 7 top tips to consider when writing your UK Business Awards entry, from Suzy Pettican, Managing Director at Reflection PR:

1. Use the so what? factor

When writing an award entry, think to yourself so what? Every sentence should be meaningful and add value. You only have a short amount of space to really impress the judges.

2. Tell a story

Award submissions should tell your business story and engage the judges. Use narrative to set the scene, detail challenges, explain business tactics and illustrate results. And don’t forget to summarise your key messages in the closing paragraph.

3. Always do your homework

Before you start to write your award submission, imagine you’re the judge. Make sure you read the criteria for the category you’re entering as this will give you vital clues on what they are looking for.

 4. Can you prove it?

Even if you think your company offers the most amazing service, you need to be able to prove it. Back up every claim with evidence. And be as specific as possible.

5. Forget the jargon!

You may understand your industry’s technical jargon, but the judges won’t. Carefully read your entry and remove any jargon, making sure you always use plain English in your copy.

6. Paint a picture

Images help bring your story to life. Where complex processes and structures are concerned, a table or diagram is definitely worth a thousand words. Make sure they support your description of the project, rather than substituting for it.

7. Enlist a fresh pair of eyes

A fresh perspective from a friend or colleague from outside your business will ensure you have not made any assumptions within your copy. And it’s concise. 

Good luck to all the entrants of this year’s UK Business Awards!  

If you would like more information about how to write an award winning entry, please download our free webinar and PDF here .