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A boost for the UK economy: hospitality and tourism make a post-lockdown comeback

Hospitality and tourism are economic sectors that were severely hit by the lockdown measures introduced at the start of the pandemic. Overnight, thousands of people were facing unemployment, as no one knew how long the lockdown would last or how severe the consequences would be.


Uneven chances


Millions of workers were sent to work from home. People from the IT, creatives industries, etc., didn’t have such a hard time adjusting to the new reality. Many jumped at the chance to spend more time indoors with their families, enjoying the fact that they don’t have to commute or dress up for work.


However, due to the nature of their work, hospitality and tourism staff couldn’t do this. Most of these workers were forced to go on leave, and it was uncertain whether they could keep their jobs once the pandemic was over. As a result of this, the past year has been one of the most challenging periods for the UK economy in recent times.


Slow emergence


After more than 12 months of turmoil, things are looking up for the UK economy. Many companies in hospitality and tourism are returning from lockdown as of May, getting more workers on board. But the main question is: what if the lockdown went on for too long? Will these sectors be able to shed the shackles of the economic crisis?


Most UK sectors are experiencing a rise, and new positions are emerging every day. For example, McDonald’s stated that they plan to expand during the next year with 20,000 new workers and establish 50 new outlets in the British Isles. Interestingly, the company explained that these new jobs wouldn’t simply replace the ones that were lost during lockdown. In fact, this will be a new increase in the workforce.


Far from ideal


Although we’re witnessing a slow recovery of the economy, the uncertainty of the situation is still far from over. The hospitality and tourism sectors continue to be affected, and this can be seen most clearly at night. Why is this so?


Once the lockdown was lifted, most food and beverage shops were able to start operating normally. Pubs, food outlets, and other such establishments are experiencing a new boost, but only because they work during the day or mainly during the daytime.


The problems arise for nightclubs and bars, which still cannot function as they did before the pandemic. Because of this, so many of these nighttime establishments are headed for collapse. Business groups are pleading for help from the government to save those in dire need of assistance.


What awaits us


The UK economy will keep on struggling in the months to come before we can say that we’ve fully recovered. It is still far from over, as we don’t know what direction the pandemic will take in the upcoming months.


One thing is sure, though: all economic sectors will have to work together in order to speed up the recovery and create new opportunities for the workers in the new economy.