A Few Things about Professor Malcolm McDonald and his Exclusive Insight

"I first met Malcolm McDonald in a lecture theatre at Cranfield School of Management, in 2000, and I learned more about marketing from his one hour lecture than I could hope to learn from years of experience." – Neil Skehel, Founder and CEO of Awards International          

The level of success an individual can reach rarely surpasses that of Professor Malcolm McDonald. 

With a fulfilling career behind him, Malcolm is now a proud Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University as well as a Visiting Professor at Henley Business School, University of Warwick, Aston University and the Bradford Business Schools. 

By most, he is recognised for his books, which include Marketing Plans - How to prepare them, How to use them, a best seller, as well as over forty others.

Until 2003 he was a Professor of Marketing and a Deputy Director at Cranfield University with special responsibility for E-Business. He is also the first marketing professor that has created an application for the iPhone where his full lectures have been recorded.

Professor Malcolm also has extensive industrial experience, including a number of years as a Marketing and Sales Director for Canada Dry, a soft drink brand, where he, amongst other things, controlled a sales force of 250 people.

He is also a Chairman of Brand Finance plc., a branded business valuation consultancy, as well as five smaller companies. Apart from his direct involvement, he has been and still is a consultant to many major companies from the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia and Africa.

His Involvement in the UK Business Awards

Professor Malcolm McDonald is the official academic advisor for the Awards International brand, which also includes the UK Business Awards. His support is crucial in the development of marketing strategies and ideas for the future.

After attending the UK Business Awards in 2016, Malcolm had a lot to say about the level of achievement seen from the winners and finalists.

With his experience, he was able to judge the degree of commitment that went into the initiatives presented, and it was evident that he was astonished and surprised that the UK Business Awards brought so many dedicated individuals together, in one place.


Malcolm’s Lessons Overview

After attending the Awards, Malcolm wrote a segment about the winners, along with the lessons overview with all of the key elements seen at the UK Business Awards.

His analysis is understandably very useful for anyone involved in business, and now it’s finally available as a free download.

So make sure to download your copy while the promotion lasts. There’s no telling how long this promotion will last since new downloads will be released shortly.

Malcolm’s years of business experience truly add to the report, as he explains must-read topics for anyone interested in growing their business and expanding their operation to new levels.