New Business Winners - The Green Energy Advice Bureau

New Business Winners - The Green Energy Advice Bureau

The Green Energy Advice Bureau is a commercial energy advice and supply service that helps businesses save money while becoming more environmentally friendly.

The Bureau offers full energy audits, comprehensive advice and transparent information to businesses looking to reduce energy costs. Their customers include more than 80 education providers, 13 charities or not-for-profit organisations, 3 large public-sector organisations and hundreds of other businesses across the UK.

We look at how The Green Energy Advice Bureau helps businesses to gain better control of their expenditure while improving their environmental impact. Plus, how this led them to win in the New Business category at the UK Business Awards 2017.

Business Context

Before the inception of The Green Energy Advice Bureau in 2015, businesses were finding themselves tied into long energy contracts that they didn’t fully understand.

Many businesses didn't know how to make energy more affordable or even how they can reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Even though there were many agencies that brokered commercial energy contracts for businesses at the time, there were none that offered the level of honest and transparent information like The Green Energy Advice Bureau.

Committed to helping their clients become more efficient and environmentally friendly, the company empowers its clients to take steps towards better energy solutions through informed choices.

The Outstanding Service

In-line with their mission to help clients become more efficient and environmentally friendly, The Green Energy Advice Bureau offers a range of services that improve energy performance while reducing costs, these include:

1. Utilities Management
The customer journey begins with a detailed evaluation of their energy usage, historical supplies, individual site assessment and analysis of their internal company behaviours. Users are then empowered to manage their energy costs through accurate and transparent energy consumption monitoring and analysis.

Furthermore, out-of-hours or unexpected, consumption is also analysed to find possible quick and effective change that could be implemented to improve future consumption.

2. Carbon Reduction
The Green Energy Advice Bureau also provides valuable advice to customers about all the different carbon-reducing energy options. They assess the realistic viability of these options and help clients discover the most economical and environmentally beneficial one. Usually, the simplest energy efficiency technologies are the most effective and have the longest lasting impacts. For example, magnetic fuel conditioning is simple to install and reduces a customer’s natural gas consumption by 6 – 10%.

3. Tailored Solutions
In order for the changes to be commercially relevant and beneficial to clients, The Green Energy Advice Bureau tailors their energy-saving solutions individually for each client.

4. Maintaining Compliance
The Bureau also supports clients further by explaining how their environmental impact can be reduced through technological, behavioural and managerial changes to their operation and how they can invest in new technologies to get a return, increase sustainability and save more in the future. The Green Energy Advice Bureau even helps business with onsite power generation technologies to create thousands of pounds in additional revenue by helping them utilise existing backup power generation equipment.

Business Results

The Green Energy Advice Bureau measures success not just through their results, but through their customers’ savings too. Since the company’s inception in 2015, they have grown exponentially, scaling from a team of four to a team of fifteen in a year, and now to a team of forty.

The company’s sales figures have more than doubled year on year and thanks to their efforts, they’ve saved their clients over £4 million in wasted or unnecessary fees.

They also helped their customers use resources better, improve their own facilities and positively impacting the environment. In doing so, the Bureau has also developed their own team, making them more experienced and better-trained thanks to better training opportunities and facilities.

The company’s next target is to open an office in Holland, which they will achieve in 2018. They hope to build on their already vast expertise and spread internationally to embrace the Dutch passion for environmentally sound energy solutions.

The UK Business Awards 2018

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