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Safety Rocks: Making Health & Safety Fun!

Health & safety is a crucial aspect of business, but it’s suffered from a bit of an image problem in recent years. This is mainly due to training courses that feel generic and bland, with lessons that can easily go in one ear and out the other.


Thankfully, Safety Rocks are here to disrupt the market! Under their Founder and Managing Director, Carla Crocombe - Luke’s guest on this week’s Build Back Better podcast – Safety Rocks has been on a mission to make the topic more engaging, enjoyable and memorable.


“We bring a fresh and dynamic approach,” says Carla. “We’re trying to provide truly tailored solutions to organisations and try to change the way people perceive health & safety training.”


Changing the way organisations think about risk is a vital part of what Carla does; she defines the term as “the likelihood of harm occurring from a hazard and the resulting severity, taking into consideration the number of people affected.” But the pandemic forced Safety Rocks to adapt their thinking to survive and thrive.


“Before the pandemic, we were predominantly a face-to-face teaching organisation. Our approach depended a lot on personality to engage people; that 3D approach was incredibly important. But we survived [the challenges of covid] by quick thinking. We needed to continue to teach, so we had to use virtual platforms in a way that stopped the training from being flat.”


Organisations need to remember, though, that other risks haven’t gone away just because there’s a virus on the loose. “We work with a variety of high-risk segments,” says Carla, “but they were focused on covid. There are far riskier things happening in those businesses than the pandemic. So, we had to go back to basics with teaching people about risk management. Don’t forget all the other hazards in your organisation, ones that might be worse than covid!”


The best way to deal with risk is to embrace it. You can never eliminate it, nor can you totally avoid it: the only sensible thing is to work with it. And that starts with instilling the right culture throughout the organisation. Safety Rocks “looks at risk and says, how can we manage it to an acceptable level? That involves real education, not off-the-shelf training. That’s our unique capability: we develop training courses that are truly tailored to organisations, to help staff change culture from within.”


Risk is a double-edged sword: without risk, there is no opportunity. And this is a lesson we should bear in mind after the challenges of the previous year. “When we think about risk,” Carla explains, “we think about the negative aspects of it, but we should remember many things in the last year have brought us forward. We’ve been getting more involved on social media, launching a YouTube channel, and our digitisation has grown; we have more reach than we ever did.”


“I would say to organisations: don’t batten down all the hatches. Take a longer view and be strategic in your aims. Stay positive, and always take calculated risks. See the endgame and understand there will be some bumps along the way. Look over the rooftops of your current position and see where you want to be.”


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