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The GROW Method: Gustavo Rota’s key to success!

This week’s Build Back Better podcast featured Gustavo Rota, a Netherlands-based entrepreneur with a long, varied and successful career. Whether through trading, dairy products, commodities, real estate or sports equipment, Gustavo has always found ways of delivering value to the community through his endeavours.


But what makes someone successful? What sets them apart?


“It’s the difference between dreaming something and making that dream happen,” Gustavo says. “[Inaction] is like believing in the power of the universe manifesting, and not doing anything to facilitate that manifestation. Like meditating the whole day, thinking the universe will express through yourself while you’re waiting for the lotus and the buddha, without going out there and preparing the path for the manifestation to arrive. When you take the action in your life, that’s when growth happens.”


This firm belief in growth has led Gustavo to develop an acronym: GROW. Here’s what it stands for:




Whatever you’re doing – whether it’s business, relationships, or anything else – you can apply this method to focus your thinking. It starts with setting a clear goal. For entrepreneurs like Gustavo and Luke, this means setting an ambitious target: “dreaming big”, as Luke likes to say. After that, you need to consider the reality of the situation – and be hardnosed about the nature of what you face.


That leads you to considering your options: figuring out what’s within your power to achieve. Once you’ve got a clear sense of this, you need to maintain your will, and always keep a mental picture of what you want to achieve. Consistently applying this method, Gustavo says, is what has enabled him to achieve success in his 30-year business career.


When it comes to specific business advice, Gustavo’s approach is threefold: first, keep getting better at what you do. There’s always room for improvement, and you need to keep chasing that. But the key there is having real passion: if you have that, you’re naturally going to want to improve that particular skill.


And finally, you have to work to make yourself irreplaceable in the eyes of your clients, customers or partners. And that means providing an outstanding service. “It’s nice to feel important,” says Gustavo, “but it’s better to make others feel important.” Business is ultimately about fulfilling an unmet need, so being dedicated to what’s important for other people is the surest way of finding your own success.


We all have that potential in us: we just need to deprogram ourselves from the social and cultural forces that tell us our dreams are out of reach – and start acting on our ambitions. I think Luke tied up the discussion nicely when he said this:


Dreams only become reality when you wake up chasing them every day.


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