UKBA: A Quick Look at the Leading Consumer and Market Trends for 2017

So in this blog were going to be talking about some of the most recent developments in consumer and market trends to give you an idea of the things you should be on a lookout for. Most of these trends are self-explanatory and many witness them in their everyday lives, but for business owners, it’s important to understand how they impact their companies and general marketing strategies.

The Developing Consumer Trends

As consumers grow more demanding, it’s getting more and more difficult for businesses to keep up. However, understanding the developments in consumer trends and breaking them down into manageable chucks is a great way to overcome the demand and become a top tier competitor.

It’s also important to note that consumer trends and more importantly, consumer expectations, now have a reach that crosses multiple industries and sectors.

Meaning that even if an industry hasn’t been affected directly by an increase in expectation, it’s affected indirectly through increases in other industries and thus business in those industries should take the initiative to align their services with these expectations even if it’s not expected of them.

Technology is also playing an ever so more important role in business development and marketing, and in the second section of this blog, we’ll discuss how it’s directly impacting market trends and consumer tendencies as a result.

But before that, let’s look at some consumer trends seen over the past few years and particularly important for 2017!


The Developing Market Trends

As consumer trends change, so do market trends. Through new technological advancements and a shift in consumer mentality leading to higher levels of customer-centricity, these trends are at the forefront of both UK and global business for 2017.