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Whatever your company size or sector, there are categories to suit your business.

This year, the categories focus on the challenges companies are facing in the wake of both the Covid pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period. 

Micro businesses and start-ups less than three years old can enter two categories free of charge until the Super Early Bird deadline on March 26th – PLUS they can enter the UK Customer’s Choice Award up until when entries close.

Everyone can enter the UK Customer’s Choice Award free of charge – and it’s the easiest category to enter, too: all you have to do is register, post your logo and company name, and share the logo via social media with your fans and customers.

UK Customer’s Choice Award Category

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UK Business Awards Categories

There are three different groups of categories. The first group is Discipline Specific and focuses on activities that organisations have undertaken to change their business. The second group is Industry Heroes, which is about certain types of companies and/or products and services. The third group is Business Heroes in the Crisis, which focuses on the people and teams who made the difference in the last year or so.

Discipline Specific Categories

Business Transformation

The past year has been one of unprecedented challenge for businesses, but many have adapted to survive, often with spectacular results. This category celebrates those successful transformations and the dedicated teams behind them.

Product Development

This category highlights the innovation and journey to market for some of Britain’s most dynamic new products in a range of sectors.

Best Place to Work

Great employee experience is the key to staff retention, improved customer experience and, of course, profitability. Here the UK’s most attractive workplaces will compete for national recognition.

Health and Wellbeing

Caring for the wellbeing of staff ensures the wellbeing of your business. In this category, we will hear from companies that have placed health and wellbeing at the forefront of their agenda and are benefiting as a result.

Best Brexit Business Response

Following the most significant constitutional change for the UK in decades, companies were faced with fresh challenges in key areas including customs, employing foreign staff members and the transportation of goods - both within the UK and overseas. This category recognises British organisations that met these challenges with aplomb and are inspiring others to follow

Best Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is now the key brand differentiator and essential to business success. Organisations that have implemented innovative CX initiatives and reaped the rewards will compete in this category.

Maggie Colman Customer Service Award

This award acknowledges excellence in customer service and is named in memory of the late Maggie Colman, who sadly passed away in 2020. Hailing from Wales, Maggie inspired many with her award-winning customer service skills and passed on her knowledge through superb training sessions.

Best New Business

This category celebrates the very best new British businesses – those that are already inspiring others and enjoying the rewards of their hard work in getting established. To enter, businesses must be no more than three years old.

Best Business Response to the Crisis

The Covid pandemic rocked the foundations of business in the UK and around the world. Many organisations took the opportunity to make exceptional transformations which have opened new paths to profitability. Here, we will reward the very best business responses to this crisis.

Diversity and Inclusion Program

Companies that strive for diversity and inclusion are the bedrock of a progressive business landscape. This category is for those taking bold steps in key areas such as racial equality, disability access and community welfare.

Best Sustainability Initiative

A sustainable business is a ‘future-proofed’ business. This category celebrates and rewards those business models that are based on principles that include responsible waste management, energy saving and maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Best Website or App

Investing in your organisation’s digital future should be a key focus for UK businesses. Here, the absolute best in website and app design and innovation will compete for recognition in one of the most important categories for 2021.

Best Online Business

From e-commerce to affiliate marketing – if your business is online and making an impact, we want to hear about it. Outline your digital enterprise and tell our judges about your successful business journey.

Best Online Event

The most dynamic businesses take advantage of the wealth of possibilities online communication offers. This category celebrates the best webinars, workshops, conferences and other digital events that have boosted profits and engaged customers in the UK and further afield.

Industry Heroes Categories

Computer Software and Information Technology Services

A category to reward achievements by the UK’s software/IT firms. Judges will be seeking clarity on products and services, and how they are boosting business best practices.

Home Delivery

Whether it’s food or goods and service, 2021 has seen a mammoth increase in online ordering and home delivery. Covid has given businesses the spur they needed to go from the burning failure of just a few years ago, to outstanding results in supporting retail customers and every type of business. Get the recognition you deserve!

Logistics and Supply Chain

This sector has kept Britain’s businesses moving. Currently facing a period of unique challenges such as the impact of Brexit, businesses in this industry still have stories of outstanding achievement to tell. We wish to celebrate them in this category.

Best Marketing or PR agency

Communication is key to making or breaking a business and having a great marketing/PR agency to help sell your services is essential. The most innovative agencies in the UK will compete in this category.


We are in a golden age of digital training and learning, thanks to the wealth of platforms available. This category will reward the best e-learning initiatives that are boosting prospects across the country.


Selling online has never been easier, but it still requires a well-mapped customer journey to ensure sales targets are met. Here, we will reward the very best in UK e-commerce.

Financial Services, Banking and Insurance

A category for financial service firms to show how innovative best practice can attract new customers and radicalise the sector.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services have been at the forefront of the defence of our economy, as well as our health, since the outset of the pandemic. We have relied on PPE suppliers and providers of goods and services to the NHS and care sector to keep our nation running and our key workers safe. Some of the care services have done an outstanding job of looking after vulnerable people in difficult times and many healthcare providers have been stretched thin and responded as only heroes do.


Here we celebrate initiatives focusing on call centre outsourcing. Customer service has taken on new importance over the past year, and your call centre operation plays a vital role in ensuring your company delivers for clients.

Business Heroes in a Crisis Categories

Team of the Year

A category to celebrate the teams that pulled together to weather the Covid storm. Tell us of your team’s progress and results during the crisis, and we will reward the very best initiatives.

Leader of the Year

Here, we will honour leaders who offered guidance and strength to their team during a time of crisis and transformation.

Heroes in a Pandemic - Category Sponsor: Think Wow

The past year has seen many firms struggle/ but these uncertain times have also inspired heroes to emerge and save businesses. This category celebrates those heroes who have risen to the challenges of the pandemic.

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