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There are 19 categories this year, each recognising a particular aspect of business excellence. Have a look for yourself and decide which ones are best for you!

Business Elements

Business Transformation

If you've implemented substantial operational changes, whether through digital transformation or other methods, and achieved great results as a result, this is the perfect category for you!

Best Crisis Recovery Initiative

The pandemic has presented innumerable challenges to British businesses, but we've also seen countless examples of innovation and adaptation in the face of these difficulties. This category recognises organisations who've responded to the Covid-19 crisis with intelligence, creativity and outstanding teamwork.

Disruptive, Innovative Business Model

This award will go to an organisation that has shaken up their sector with their fresh thinking and innovative practices. Could this be you?

Maggie Colman Customer Service Award

This category is for organisations dedicated to outstanding levels of customer service, and is named in honour of an extraordinary woman, Maggie Colman, who worked for many years helping companies realise their potential in this area.

Best Customer Experience

CX is a critical brand differentiator into today's business world. If your organisation leaves no stone unturned to ensure customers are delighted at every stage of their journey, this is the category for you!

Best Customer Experience - Utilities and Telecommunications

Best Place to Work

Creating a fulfilling work environment is key to unlocking your people's potential. This award will go to an organisation with highly innovative workplace policies, ones that contribute directly to commercial success.

Best Use of Technology

Technology is an invaluable tool - but how well do you use it? If you've leveraged all the advantages of the digital revolution to enhance your business performance, get in the race for this award!

Best Website

Your website is like a shop window - it should draw customers in! This category recognises an organisation whose website engages, inspires and drives action from its users, and is an indispensable ingredient of their commercial success.

Best App

With the internet increasingly mobile-first, it's never been more important to have an outstanding app. How does yours compare to the competition? Throw your hat in the ring and find out for yourself!

Best Innovative Product

Innovation is what drives business and society forward - but that doesn't make it easy! This category will go to an organisation that can demonstrate extraordinary levels of innovation in their product offering. Digital, physical, it doesn't matter - if you can prove how innovative you've been, this award could be yours!

Business Paradigms

Best Product Development

New products can capitalise on changing consumer needs, leverage new technologies or improve on what already exists. If your organisation has developed an innovative product, the world needs to hear about it!

Best New Business

If you started your business within the last five years, and have achieved fantastic results in that time, this is the award for you!

Wider Community

Best Green Business

If your business is dedicated to sustainable growth and is part of the solution to the climate crisis/ we want to hear from you! Get in the race for this award and show everyone how it's done!

Best Family Business

Family businesses are the backbone of the economy, with invaluable knowledge being passed down through the generations. If your organisation is built around a particular family or families, and has been doing extraordinary things, throw your hat in the ring and show us what you're made of!

Best CSR Initiative

Organisations are at their best when they're committed to the communities they serve. If your organisation has implemented outstanding CSR policies and practices, you could emerge as the Gold Winner in this category!

Business Heroes

Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative

The pandemic has reminded everyone of the critical importance of health and wellbeing, not just in our personal lives but also in commercial performance. What have you been doing in this area to keep your employees healthy and happy?

Team of the Year

Teamwork makes the dream work - so how has your team fared in recent times? If you've all pulled together to achieve results many would think impossible, this is the perfect category for you!

Young Employee of the Year

This award is for an employee under the age of 30 who is a rising star in your organisation - someone for whom the future is very bright indeed. If you want to give their career a critical boost, why not nominate them for this award and show that you appreciate their efforts?

Leader of the Year

Leadership is always a vital component of commercial success - but in times of crisis, its importance is greater still. If you know someone in a leadership position who's inspired, guided and reassured you in difficult times, show them some love and nominate them for this award!

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award has gone to some incredible entrepreneurs in the past - could it be you this year? If you've steered your business to success with innovative ideas, intelligent management techniques and dedication to being the best, this is the ideal category for you!