Hear from 28 different companies what they can do to help you during this time.

FASTHELP is a unique new online event, when companies tell you what they can do to help you during this period of crisis and rapid change (and hopefully by July 9th, what they can do for you as we head out of this crisis).

How will the sessions work?

Throughout the day on the 9th July, whilst the judging is taking place, finalists and non-finalists can watch FASTHELP panels. There will be seven half hour panels between 0900 to 1500, each with four companies, who will share what they can do to help.

Each company has three minutes to tell you what they can do to help. They then have four minutes for questions from the audience for clarification or further detail. They will have to present clear and useful information to get their message across!

Each panel is hosted by a chairperson, primed with questions from the audience. The questions will be selected by the chair via ‘chat’ during the pitch.

The panels will be grouped according to common themes, whether it is sector or product or service. The panelists are business men and women who are members of The Judge Club and Awards International finalists or winners.

The panels may lead to new connections and new ideas of how you can help other businesses too. To assist with this audience will be given details of all panelists and all other audience members who elect to share them. The details will be limited to name and company only. It is up to the audience and the panelists if they wish to connect, on LinkedIn for example.

It will also be possible for audience members to message panelists and each other privately vIa the event software. The panelists may or may not accept to reply to the messages they receive.

We value the security of your data. In this way networking opportunities are increased, whilst ensuring the choice to share details rest with the owner of those details, not Awards International.

Most of all we hope you find some useful help for your business or can see a way you can help someone else! We all need all the help we can get.

We will share information about the panelists on our website following the awards.

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