How to Nominate your Heroes.

Once you have entered the awards or if you are a judge, once you have signed up to judge, you will be send an email with information about next steps.

In this email we will provide details of where to put your nomination for our Awards International 2020 Heroes.

We will need the name of the person their job title and the company and 200 words on why they are nominated.

The nominees do not have to work for your company, they can work for a supplier or be a customer or a partner.

There is a box against each nominee. You need to indicate you are happy that we call out their names on stage.

All nominees will receive a personalized digital certificate from Awards International, and a medal delivered to their homes.

We are very excited to ensure that people who have made a difference in this time get the recognition they deserve and we hope this helps to show your gratitude to some outstanding people.

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