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Sponsors and Partners

Awards International has a long history of working with sponsors and partners to achieve our mutual goals. We have successfully partnered with a number of different organisations on the basis of the work they do to promote UK PLC, and the knowledge they have to share about business.

We have a long standing relationship with children’s charity Barnardo’s. Over the last ten years or so, we have raised more than £160,000 for the Tiger Project, which provides services to children and young adults who are victim of abuse.

During the Covid pandemic, donations to Barnardo’s have been impacted by as much as 70%.

This is why, at each awards ceremony, Awards International will be organising a fund raising activity for Barnardo’s please give generously if you can.

Partner with us

Awards International would normally seek partnerships with not for profit academic organisations, or institutions with a social or charitable purpose.

We are also interested in media companies for mutual promotional benefits.

Sponsor the Awards

Your organisation could be aligned with the best of UK business innovation by sponsoring the UK Business Awards 2021.

Through our promotional campaigns, PR or other events, we could help you reach out to our shared target audience in order to achieve your organisation’s goals.

Complete the form below to enquire about partnering or sponsoring.

Our partners

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