The Categories

This year we have 25 categories aimed at organisations who want to shape the future of business and increase their engagement, reputation, and turnover. Entries can be from individuals and/or organisations, as well as those companies who have partnered with other businesses to achieve their goals. The categories cover sector, discipline and people specific areas to ensure that SMEs, large corporations and individuals can all benefit from the recognition the awards bring. There is no limit to the number of categories any one person or organisation can enter.

Please download the "scoring entries" PDF for further information on the scoring process and how entries are scored..
UK Busines Awards 2018 Scoring Entries Download PDF

Professional Services

Entries are welcomed from organisations that are supporting businesses of all sizes and in all sectors by providing expert advice and specialist services to their clients. This will include skills such as tax and IT information to training and development support. Professional services play a vital part in improving productivity and sustaining growth across the economy.

Automotive / Car Rental / CarPurchase

This category is for all automotive companies from car dealerships, rental and fleet management to service garages and roadside assistance. The organisation will demonstrate a commitment to the industry whether that’s through development, investment, customer service and/or environmental awareness, and will see themselves as the benchmark for industry standards.

Delivery and Logistics

Entries to this category will be from service providers such as couriers, removals and logistics, as well domestic, international, commercial and private delivery services who are dedicated to improving the quality and standards throughout the supply chain. This award is aimed at those companies constantly seeking to improve the quality of the service provided.

Retail & e-commerce

This category is for retailers selling their products and services either online and/or in brick and mortar environments. This award aims to celebrate the great work and innovation of retailers and agencies providing the best products and campaigns the e-commerce industry has to offer. Last year hot tub providers Blue Whale Spa Ltd collected the top trophy.

Financial Services

Entry into this category will come from organisations offering banking or investment services, including credit card companies and investment funds, as well as those offering insurance policies whether it's for home, life, car or business. Entrants will demonstrate how they raise standards and build trust with their clients. Last year property investment advisors Patron Capital took the top spot.


This category has been added this year to acknowledge and reward the individuals, firms, start-ups and banks who are leading the way in financial technology, particularly those implementing systems and supporting new technology. This category invites entries from those organisations paving the way in payment innovation, customer experience, lending, data, trading, and cybersecurity.

Personal entertainment and telecoms

A popular category for those organisations specialising in communication and entertainment services including telephone solutions, mobile, technology support services, movie hire, online streaming services, and digital TV. This category will suit those operators and media companies who strive to deliver the most innovative and on-demand service possible.

Not for Profit & Govt Services

A category for those organisations that do not earn profits for its owners with any money earned or received used for pursuing the organisation’s objectives. This award will recognise the great work of not for profit organisations such as charities, public service, and government organisations. In 2017 Richmond Housing Partnership took home the trophy.


Winning in this category is as a hallmark of success for any utility company. Whether it is water, gas, oil, or electricity this award celebrates the hard work and dedication that goes into the day to day running of a utility network. Last year gas company SGN supplied the best entry to take the top spot.

Best place to work

The winner of this category will be the company that shows its success in attracting and retaining staff by creating a rewarding, engaging and supportive workplace where employees feel engaged, trusted and valued. These measures will have had a significant impact on the business both internally and externally. Last year Startle’s employee-first culture won them the award.

Business Change or Transformation

This category is for individuals or organisations that have executed and delivered a defined change and/or re-invention of the business that has had a significant positive impact. Many companies are making huge changes such as adopting technology, restricting the company and/or re-training or transforming their capability and skills.

Customer Centric Organisation

This category is for those delivering a customer-centric culture through driving employee engagement and involvement, delivering on-going customer-experience training, and developing internal communications strategies and tactics. IT organisation Tech Mahindra were our winners last year.

Disruptive Business Model

Entries will be from businesses that have turned the business model on its head by harnessing new technologies, developing a new business model, or by utilising old technologies in new ways. Last year saw influencer marketing app company indaHash secure the top spot.


This category is for those companies who are adapting and changing to ensure a positive future. Showing how by applying creativity and new thinking to your business has led to great results for your organisation through a change, alteration, transformation, restructuring, remodelling or revolution in a product or service.

New Business

Eligible businesses for this category are those established in the last two years (Start date 1st​ January 2016) that have demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship and vision in order to establish themselves in their marketplace. Last year environmental consultants The Green Energy Advice Bureau took this trophy.

Operational Excellence

This category is aimed at businesses that are executing their business strategy more consistently and more reliably than the competition, resulting in low operational risk, lower operational costs and increased revenues. Goods transportation providers Pallet-Track won this award last year.


This award is for small to medium-sized enterprises working in a business-to-business environment with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding £40 million. Entries are welcomed from businesses that have delivered consistent growth and solid financial performance through great leadership, understanding their clients and engaging employees.


This award is for small to medium-sized enterprises working in a business-to-consumer environment with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding £40 million. Entries are welcomed from businesses that have delivered consistent growth and solid financial performance through great leadership, understanding their customers and engaging employees.

Digital Marketing

This award is for those organisations who have utilised digital technology to engage with customers and increase sales and/or awareness for their brand, products and services through targeted, measurable, and interactive online campaigns.

Social Enterprise

This category is for organisations using the power of business to bring about social and environmental change. This will be achieved through having a clear social or environmental mission, generating income through trade, reinvesting the majority of your profits, and overall being accountable and transparent. Last year community services charity Greenwich Leisure Limited secured the award in this category.

Management education and training

Aimed at teams or individuals who have been tasked with training and educating management teams within an organisation, resulting in a transformation in business performance. This could be through a company’s internal resources such as the HR department or via an external training initiative.

Team of the year

A category to celebrate the team that has identified and responded to an opportunity, resulting in a significant impact on an organisation’s performance. This category is a great way to boost morale and celebrate outstanding teamwork. In 2017 transcription service Language Empire Ltd secured this award.

Entrepreneur of the year

This award recognises those individuals who have led a start-up business that has focused on a market opportunity, developed a solid business model, and ultimately delivered great results. Last year Sean Ramsden of Ramsden International, British grocery exporter, won this prestigious title.

Inspirational leader

This award is for a business leader who has energised and created a sense of direction and purpose for employees resulting in excitement and momentum for change within the business. This will have been achieved through promoting respect, dignity and integrity in the workplace while facilitating change and empowering employees to grow. Charles Vivian from North Highland consultants was crowned the winner of this award last year.

Overall UK Business Awards

The overall winner is the entry with the highest score this is entered by all finalists and is decided at the finals. The overall winner will be presented as part of the awards ceremony.